Healthy cooking and fat-loss has never been easier!

Learn how to create recipes that you never thought were possible before using fresh, healthy and key ingredients. Improve your knowledge about nutrition and human science at the same time you develop your cooking skills. Nutritionist, personal trainer and healthy chef Ronaldo Fulieri will introduce you to an exciting world of food, flavour, culture and interesting facts about nutrition that will help you take control of your health and increase quality of life.

In Ronaldo’s Kitchen you will learn:

• What are superfoods, and why they benefit you daily
• The importance of using fresh seasonal produce for fat-loss and well being
• How to cook healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes quick and easy
• High energy and nutrient rich snacks
• The top superfoods used by ancient civilizations until today
• Tips about weight loss, exercise and how to get in shape again
• Over 45 gluten and dairy free recipes

Each recipe is a fusion of both traditional Brazilian flavours combined with the tastes of multicultural Australia, which have inspired Ronaldo at home on the Gold Coast. With Ronaldo in your kitchen, you’ll fall in love with making good food and understanding the benefits of a nutritiously packed diet and what it can do for you and your health.

This is a book that will speak to everyone and is as packed with delicious food as it is with nutritional wisdom. So go ahead, turn the page and start living a nutritiously rich life today.